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Eleanor is brushing the hair of a teddy bear, in between doing a children's yoga dvd. It's really precious. My life is simultaneously rewarding and exhausting, I'm getting a lot done; I live with a certain fear of being sucked under should I mismanage anything. I'm sure there is some kind of phobia regarding disorganization of time and energy. 

Benjamin and I spent the morning arguing, around noon he started working on the budget with me and I calmed down. It was perhaps one of the first moments I realized I'm taking my stress out on him. I think it's fair to anticipate equal participation in a shared life. 

Wk 37&38

Last week was the week from hell. Monday I had my IUD yanked and were left all kinds of scary messages from our pediatrician and it was generally miserable. This week I came down with whatever Kevin had, missed 6hrs of clinical time can't really due my internship; which is do the 1st. And am still feeling sick. 

The weather is gorgeous, and I just want to be a beach bum with my baby. Is that so much to ask? 


The month
          and some 
came to an (abrupt) end
with the (partial)
e x p u l s i o n
of my
i u d. 

On Tuesday, we find the lab has lost our specimen and reports LEAD POISONING; in a number which is not treatable. And please check again in several months. We are SORRY for the trauma, devastation, misrepresentation, anxiety we might have caused with the message we left- the one that said
you're dying. 


OB and Med Pass(awfulawful). Final next Tuesday. 
And I need to do 20 intern hours by June 1st. WHAT?

Kevin has almost totally finished the plumbing(awesome, epic really). 

Wk 34/42


One of our clinical instructors quit, so we're having less clinical and more class time. (Yay!) I have med pass next week; it will be one on one, in Carthage.
Nora took 4 steps today. It was perfect. My dehydrator came and there are only 8 more weeks of school. Kevin is reconstructing the whole bathroom right now, I can't believe how amazing it is working out. I have gardening thoughts that are driving me wild and we are thinking Austin this fall, though since the weather has changed my heart to move has lessened. I need to live somewhere without winter.